Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Better late than never

Although I was out of bed this morning a littel earlier than usual for a routine check-up with my rheumatologist (all going well, thank you) I seem to have got way behind with everything.  The situation hasn't been helped by the fact that we are off to France first thing tomorrow (got to stock up the wine before Christmas) and there have been numerous things to get done before then.

The day dawned bright and sunny, although brisk with a frost.  I kicked myself when I was almost at the park with the dog as I had intended taking my camera.  It was sitting on the kitchen worktop next to the mobile phone - but I missed it.  My intention had been to take pictures of autumn colours - but although yesterday the leaves were there, today most had fallen.  Not that my effort would have been anywhere near as good as the pictures taken in Buckinghamshire by Jenny Woolf - just take a look at these.  It makes me want to spit!

Still, I was quite pleased with this view of the sea at Rottingdean that I captured this afernoon after taking the dog to kennels.


joeh said...

"Smooth Sailing" That one is worthy of a frame.

Brighton Pensioner said...

Many thanks, Joeh. As I said, I'm quite pleased with it.