Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Just like the bad penny . . .

I've turned up again.  It was so good to get away from everything for a few days.  Well, nearly everything.  I did spend some time out in the courtyard trimming the jasmine that climbs up one post of the pergola.  It doesn't grow quite as quickly as the wisteria, thank goodness, but it does need keeping in its place.  This year I thought to take the electric hedge trimmer with me and I did in an hour what, in other years, it has taken me the better part of a day to accomplish.  One of the few times when I have managed to plan ahead!

I was amazed to find on getting home last night that we had covered a little over 1120 miles during the week (that figure is not unusual) at an average fuel consumption of 52.4mpg.  That's a more frugal figure than I have ever managed in this car.

It meant an earlier than usual getting up time last Monday, the day we went, and the view from the bedroom was almost magical - or mystical - or something.

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