Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Ees a puzzlement

It has me completely bemused.  Some days it does one thing, some days another.  And then, just occasionally, it does something else entirely.,  Then again, if this were television, it would be quite different.  Have you noticed, when somebody in a television programme - and I'm not thinking of documentaries or chat shows - presses the button to turn on a computer, the thing fires up instantly?  Now why doesn't mine do that?  Some days I have time to walk the dog three times round the block between pressing the "on" button and the screen lighting up.  The I could have a cup of coffee before I can actually do anything.  Other times the screen lights up almost instantly and, hey presto!, we're up and running.  Today, it was neither of those.  The screen lit up immediately - for which I gave premature thanks - but it took almost five minutes before the page on my browser came to life.  I just don't get it.


Where do you think this is?  Could it be a chateau in the Loire?

If you said the Loire, you're almost right, although it's actually here in Brighton.  It was built in the 1890s on behalf of the French government and received patients from the French Hospital in London, serving as a home for elderly French nationals.  It is believed to be the only building in England constructed in the style of a French chateau.


The Broad said...

It's beautiful! But was is it now?

Brighton Pensioner said...

How silly of me! I should have said that the building has now been converted into flats, or apartments as they are called here because it sounds posher.