Saturday, 13 July 2013

To the library

I've mentioned before that one of my favourite authors is Robert Goddard and it was only a couple or three weeks back that I said I would order his latest title, The Ways of the World, on my return from France.  I did just that but it was a few days after the book arrived before I was able to open the cover.  Well, I could have started reading it earlier but I decided to finish the book I had started, whatever that might have been.  Anyway, I finished the book yesterday evening so I must hie me to the library today for some more brain fodder.

I can't say that I thought The Ways of the World one of Goddard's best offerings.  He contrived a few coincidences too many for my liking and certainly there was one event that, to my mind, needed some explanation.  And the ending - well . . . words fail me.

I rarely buy books, preferring to save my spondoolicks for other things.  Why should I buy books when we have a very good free library service?  I know people who do buy the books they read - and then never seem to turn them out.  Almost every room in their houses is lined with bookshelves and the books are rarely if ever taken down and read again.

The one snag with using the local library is that it is small and the stock of books is not the greatest.  This means that I can have difficulty in finding books I want to read, but it also makes me try out different authors so I suppose there is an up-side.  Anyway, I'm off.  There's just time to leave you with another picture.

This one shows the Brighton seafront to the west of the Palace Pier and was aken from the said pier.  This stretch of the seafront is where all the big hotels are located - the Norfolk, the King's, the Holiday Inn, the Metropole, the Grand, the Old Ship, the Thistle, the Queen's, the Royal Albion.

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