Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Interesting facts

Or maybe not.

Buck recently posted a YouTube clip of the Top Secret Drum Corps of Basel which he described as simply brilliant.  (I wouldn't disagree with that.)  It seemed familiar somehow and it dawned on me that I had watched the display on television.  It was at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo last August - and (coincidentally) I had posted the very same clip on this blog.  Then I recalled posting another clip of drumming, this one by the Royal Marine Band.  Having failed to find it again on YouTube, I tried a search of my blog.

I haven't found that clip, but I did find some very interesting posts about all manner of subjects, from whistling to history, from the cost of maintaining cathedrals to snake oil remedies.  Well written and full of interest, if I hadn't realised it was me wot writ them I'd be following that blog.

What I did find surprising is that whereas the vast majority of my posts go completely unnoticed by the hordes of ignorant blog surfers (apart from the few members of the intelligentsia who read every word I write), one blog has been read 417 times!  Astonishing!  That blog was about the possibility of the motorway speed limit being raised from 70 to 80mph and was entitled Speed Kills.  I wonder if just having those words in this post will attract hordes of readers?  Time alone will tell.

I still have not been able to track down that clip of the Royal Marines, but here is one I have found of them at the Basel tattoo.  Less frenetic than the Top Secret Drum Corps, but pretty impressive all the same.

And now one of my own pictures.  It was somewhat murky up in the woods of Stanmer Park yesterday afternoon.  Whether it was mist or low cloud, I couldn't say.


Buck said...

(apart from the few members of the intelligentsia who read every word I write)

I guess that would be me, albeit only recently... like the last year or so. Can I quote you?

In your "Speed Kills" post you wonder if people will begin driving 90 if the limit is raised to 80. I can tell ya with some authority the answer to that is "yes." There's a stretch o' Interstate in West Texas where the posted limit is 85, which is plenty fast enough for me. Yet I've been passed... and OFTEN... by people who appear to be traveling in excess of 90 mph. Quite a bit in excess, at that.

Thanks for the link!

Brighton Pensioner said...

"Can I quote you?"

Sure, Buck, go ahead. Everything I write on this blog is in the public domain and is, I would suggest, freely quotable (if anyone would really want to be certified).