Saturday, 27 July 2013

Fruit salad

The harvest from our fruit and veg last year was almost nil.  The runner beans were all eaten by slugs.  The onions rotted in the ground.  The parsnips failed to germinate.  The rhubarb - well, I don't know what happened to that.  I did manage to pick a few peas.  The jackdaws got all the pears.  The plums rotted.  There were just two apples.  I was crippled with arthritis when the blackcurrants and gooseberries were ready so we missed those.  We did get some raspberries and blackberries, but overall, it was not a good year.

Unfortunately, I was laid up again so never did manage to dig the vegetable patch and sow beans and peas and such like.  Indeed, the runner bean poles are still in situ from last year - and the blackberry brambles in the hedge have grown so long and thick they could well be on guard duty round the palace of Sleeping Beauty.

But . . .

I have picked most of the blackcurrants this year - and it has been  a pretty good crop.  The gooseberries will need another week or so.  The raspberries will be there (I hope) in the autumn and there should be a good picking of blackberries.  On the other hand, I still haven't found the rhubarb, but the plums look good so far, there are plenty of pears on the tree and the apples are starting to look excellent.

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