Thursday, 18 July 2013

Decision, decisions

So yesterday I gave in.  It was something like two years ago that I created a Facebook page for Brighton Lions but I had pretty much forgotten about it and certainly had made no attempt to update it since 2011.  It came back into my consciousness a couple of months ago but I had been reluctant to actually do anything.  I think it was me subconcsiously deciding not to go with the giant, ie F/b, but to support the little guy and use Blogger.  OK, I know, Blogger is Google is BIG.  But then another of our members posted a few pics and it dawned on me that I was wrong to impose my idiosyncratic views on the Club when F/b is the social get-together site of choice for so many people.  I bit the bullet and updated the page.  But that was just the start.  Having done that, I needed to make sure there was a link on each page of our web site.

In the wayback I have used frames when building web sites on the grounds that changes in site navigation only need one alteration to be made whereas if the navigation is on every page, one tiny amendment can mean almost hours of work.  So it was with the addition of the F/b link.  But eventually it was done and dusted.

Now I have to think what to do - if anything - about the Club's blog.  It does seem superfluous if we are using Facebook regularly - but if I take it down I will need to make another change to the navigation on the web site!

Ho hum.


Nevada, 2006

It's still stonking hot here.  At least, we think it's stonking hot.  It has hit 31* - which is knocking on 88 Fahrenheit - and we are in need of rain.  I was talking to my farming cousin earlier this week.  He has been busy making hay and cutting silage but he wants rain.  So does my garden.  I've been picking blackcurrants and the gooseberries are well on the way - but I get the feeling they would swell up a bit if only we had some rain.  The apples are looking good this year - much better than last - and there seem to be plenty of pears and plums, although the plums will probably do something horrible as they do most years.  The grass is looking burnt and the view from the bedroom yesterday morning shows the pastures very brown.  Reminded me of Nevada.

Sussex, 2013 - and the grass is turning brown


Buck said...

So yesterday I gave in.

Aiiieee! But at least it's not a persoanl FB page.

Buck said...

"Personal," too.

(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip, said...

You could post everything on the blog and then post the link on F/B.

Brighton Pensioner said...

Now why couldn't I have thought of that? I wish I was clever like you, Skip.