Saturday, 25 May 2013

Will it or won't it?

Another bank holiday weekend, which should by rights mean that the weather is terrible.  That's the way we do things here in England.  But wait a minute; the young lady who gave us the local weather forecast just after half past ten last night said the temperature today and tomorrow would rise to about 17 or 18 degrees.  That's mid 60s in old money.  If were not so bone idle I could look it up and give a more exact translation but I reckon mid 60s is near enough.  Not that there has been much sign of the temperature matching the forecast so far today.  Indeed, when I walked the dog after breakfast I wore a winter coat and was not too warm at all.  There was still a stiff breeze from the north to keep things from becoming too tropical.  Perhaps not surprisingly, the weather widget in my sidebar tells a different story from last night's forecast, with the temperature for today hitting a high of just 15.

Global warming, whatever happened to that?  Three or four years ago it was suggested that we English should restock our gardens with drought-resistant plants and those we are more accustomed to seeing around the Mediterranean.  This year we have suffered a cold spring, with the month of March being the coldest for more than half a century!

Anyway, if the temperatures do get up to "normal" either today or tomorrow, things are due to start going downhill again during the course of the Monday bank holiday and the children on half-term holiday next week will have to endure cold - and probably wet - weather.

But I must stop off for a while as the Old Bat wants to go to Marks & Spencer.  She fancies one of their "dine in for two for £10" meals tonight.  They are pretty good value with a main dish, a side dish, a dessert and a bottle of wine all for the price of £10.

When I get back I'll look out a picture to post.


Skip was telling us about an earthquake he didn't notice.  We might get the odd tremor in England but they are always very faint - nothing to warrant signs like the one we spotted in a shop in Eureka, California.  It probably seems quite commonplace to many, but to this Englishman it was extraordinary, even exotic.

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