Thursday, 23 May 2013


This is proving to be an expensive week - and it will continue into next week.

Monday: we went out for a meal, driving down to our local Italian, possibly our favourite Brighton restaurant.  Should have checked first: they are closed on Mondays.  So let's try another we have heard good reports of.  It was OK, but we both prefer our local.  It was also somewhat more expensive, but fortunately the Old Bat decided to treat me to mark my not-long-past birthday.

Yesterday: the dog was at the vet's to have her teeth cleaned and polished.  Lucky they take credit cards.

Today: the car is in for service - and might need new brake pads.  Another hit on the plastic.

Next Tuesday:  the car again.  This time at a VW specialist to look at the electric parking brake.

And it's cold.  Here we are, just a month off the longest day and we still have the heating on!  It would be pleasant to have some warm weather like we enjoyed when we visited Turckheim in Alsace.

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