Monday, 27 May 2013

First - and last

I thought I had learned the hardest lesson of all; how to say no.  But it transpired that I had either not learned it or had a temporary lapse of memory as, just about a year ago, I agreed to act as zone secretary for a fellow Brighton Lion who was to become zone chairman.  Admittedly, the role of zone secretary is not exactly arduous, but I do particularly dislike taking the minutes of meetings.  I did it for 14 years in my job as company secretary, I did it for two consecutive years for Brighton Lions, and I have done it in the past as zone secretary.

I was more on the ball this year when Pete asked if I would continue in the role and I declined the privilege.  Gracefully, I hope.

Anyway, the last zone meeting of this Lions' year will be held next Monday so I have just one more set of minutes to take.  That's the last in the title.  Now for the first.

About four weeks before each zone meeting I have emailed the secretary of each club in the zone asking them to complete their club's report and send it to me a week before the meeting so I can collate them and send to everyone interested.  This time, for the first time this year, every secretary has sent in his/her report on time!


Today is another Lions day.  Brighton Lions will have two stalls at the Hove Lions/Martlets Hospice carnival.  I just hope the weather stays as good as it was yesterday.  Meanwhile, I must hie me to Hove Park to help set up our stalls.  That will be all I do as I am still pacing myself and, if anything, did just a tad too much yesterday.


There is a town in Lancashire called Bury where the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has a shop . . .

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