Sunday, 14 April 2013

Too late

While walking round Withdean Park in the rain yesterday afternoon (as one does if one has a dog) I spotted a large, white tent, almost big enough to be called a marquee, that had been erected right down beside the London Road.  There were a number (There was a number?) of crush barriers used for crowd control as well.  Later I discovered that this was to be the start of the fourth Brighton marathon - for the "elite" runners.  The rabble, or hoi-poloi, would start in Preston Park as in previous years.  I am quite unable to see the pleasure in either running 24 (or is it 26) miles or watching other poor fools doing it so I wasn't disappointed to find that by the time I stirred myself into walking the dog this morning, the marathon runners had already gone and the crush barriers were being loaded onto a truck.

With all the complicated road closures associated with the marathon, this is not a day to try venturing into town.  But it really doesn't affect me personally and many thousands of pounds are raised for numerous charities.  If you have ever fancied running a marathon in under ten minutes, then this video is for you.

We have been told that the temperature might possibly, just possibly, reach the dizzy height of 18 degrees today and it certainly felt pleasantly warm while I was out.  It's noticeable that the grass has started growing and I really should mow it - if only it would dry out enough.

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