Tuesday, 16 April 2013

If it's not one thing...

When, last Tuesday, my new find in the shape of Geoff came round to repair the boiler outlet pipe that I had marmelised, I had also asked him to repair another outflow pipe.  I had just a day or two before spotted that the outflow pipe from the bathroom hand basin had come adrift just where it entered the main downflow, either because it had pulled out of the joint through shrinking or because the pipe had snapped.  Geoff was unable to do more than a temporary patching job because the pipe was too wet for the required glue to set (or something like that) but he has promised to come back today.

Meanwhile, the washing machine died on Friday with the week's towels still sitting in water in the drum.  I hoiked them out into a bucket and we called Jeff - a different Jeff.  This Jeff has serviced our washing machines for years and he promised to come on Monday if he couldn't find the time on Saturday.  By the time I got back with the dog on Saturday morning, Jeff and his son (could he be yet another Jeff?) had the machine in pieces and I was shown the circuit board that had mysteriously caught fire.  Fortunately, Jeff was able to find a suitable replacement.  He also replaced the drive belt while he was at it.

When the Old Bat told me what she had paid, I remarked that we wouldn't have had to pay much more for a completely new machine.  The cost did seem a tad steep to me, but I had to confess it was not a whole pile more than I had paid to have the boiler outflow repaired.

Heigh ho, the joys of home ownership.


Swanning through Youtube yesterday afternoon I almost fell into the arms of the beautiful, Croatian guitarist, Ana Vidovic.

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