Tuesday, 9 April 2013

For sale in Patcham

Ever fancied owning a windmill?  Well, now's your chance.  The Grade II listed Patcham Mill is on the market.  Although known as Patcham Mill, it is actually in Westdene - and is sometimes known as Watrehall Mill as it overlooks the Waterhall valley.  Interested?  Then you might like to take a look at the agents' brochure.  Of course, the cost of upkeep will be fairly substantial - on top of the asking price which is for offers in excess of a million.

If that's a bit rich for you, you might like to think of living in Church Hill, part of the old village of Patcham.

Just in view at the far end of this row is a tiny, white-painted cottage.  This, too, is for sale - at less than a quarter of the asking price of the mill.  Mind you, it's basically a two-up, two-down, with the front door opening straight from the street into the living room.  The agents particulars - and more pictures - are here if you are interested.


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Wow. That mill is spectacular! It took a while for the brochure to load, but once it did... wow.