Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Another Easter done and dusted

A very pleasant weekend it was too.  Granted, there was still a viscious north-east wind but we saw blue skies and sun as well.  The wind is still with us today but the blue sky and sun are nowhere to be seen.  Oh well, the forecast, apparently, is for the wind to go into the west at the end of the week bringing higher temperatures - and probably rain.  At least the lack of rain over the past week or more and the still wind mean that the paths in the park and Stanmer Woods are now firm and not three inches deep in mud.

While we were away I was introduced to the I-pad.  I found this to be an amazing little gizmo and very handy for connecting to the interwotsit.  I had almost made up my mind to buy one when I found out that they cost £300.  I was impressed by it - but not £300 impressed!

Even with the blue skies and sun I took nobbut the one pic, the view from our bedroom.

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(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip, said...

I am impressed with iPads, as well... about as much as you.

OTOH - GS, her daughter, and I all have iPhones now because they were free when I changed carriers.