Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Happy thinking

Given my getting-to-be-highly-advanced age, people might expect me to be turning cantankerous.  I've got news for you if you are one of that band: I don't need to turn, I've always been cantankerous.  But not necessarily all the time.  Just occasionally I manage to be pleasant and think happy thoughts, so here are just five of the things that make me smile or give me pleasure - and I am quite deliberately omitting any reference to family.
  1. The view across the valley when I open the bedroom curtains on a sunny morning.
  2. Catching a whiff of the scent of the daphne sitting in a jug on the kitchen table.
  3. The song of a skylark as I walk on the South Downs on a summer afternoon.
  4. Eating a bowl of rigatoni amatriciana at our local Italian restaurant.
  5. Lying snug under the duvet while the rain lashes down and the wind blows a hooley. 

The view from the bedroom yesterday afternoon.  Blue sky with snow is not that common in these parts.

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(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip, said...

The best part of pleasures is you only need to focus on one to have it make your day.
And one is usually fairly simple to find.