Friday, 18 January 2013

Snowed in

The fields were green when I sat down to my muesli but by the time I got up from the table everywhere was already white.  It has been snowing steadily all day and by 11.30 we were snowed in as far as vehicles are concerned.  It doesn't help that the road to our house is a steep hill and the drive is even steeper - about 1 in 4!  I had thought that the council would keep the roads open for buses but it seems the snow has been too much for them.  (It doesn't take much.)  We live on the borders of Patcham and Hollingbury - served by the 5B and 26 buses.

The Old Bat would usually have gone to the MS Centre this morning but cried off.  We also decided we had enough basic foodstuffs to defer the regular Friday shopping trip until tomorrow - although it might mean I have to walk to the shop about a mile and a bit away.  We shall see.

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