Saturday, 29 December 2012

Deja vu

It happened to me again yesterday.  You'd think I would have become used to it by now, completely immune and free of the wobblies that it cause me after the event.  But no.  Half an hour after hitting the "publish" button I realise that what I have put up on the interwotsit for the world and his wife to read bears little resemblance to what I had intended to be the pearls of wisdom to be cast in front of the swine in the form of you, dear reader.  (Not that I'm really suggesting there is any resemblance between you and a member of the porcine race.  That was merely a figure of speech, you understand.  Well, I hope you understand as I really would not want us to fall out over such a small matter.  At least, it is small to me, though I appreciate that your thoughts on the matter may well differ from mine.  But dash it!  It's happening again!)

So here we are, a week or so after the shortest day of the year.  The days are supposedly getting longer and,by rights, it should be getting lighter in the mornings.  It wasn't so bad today but yesterday it really was the pits.  Actually, that word is quite apt.  "Pits."  Yes, it was so dark that it almost seemed that we were down a pit.  True, the fog (or low cloud, whichever) didn't help matters at all.  And it was raining.  Again (or still).  And it was blowing.  All in all it was a morning for lying under the duvet just a bit longer.

(Duvet.  When did we stop calling them continental quilts?  And I wonder what has happened about that invention by an English housewife?  You probably know what it's like trying to stuff the duvet into a clean cover.  I did once hear of a man who would hold the duvet in his teeth as he stood up and pulled the clean cover over his head.  I did consider trying that myself but thought i would in all probability end up entangled in the by now dirty clean cover, so I didn't.  But this housewife produced a duvet covet that opens on three sides.  Just lay it on the bed with three sides open, lay the duvet on top and zip up the sides.  Simple!)

By now you might see what I mean by the title of yesterday's post: circles of my mind.  Perhaps tangles of my mind would actually be a better description as my posts are somewhat inclined to wander all over the place and never really settle on any one thing.  Unless, that is, I exercise great self-discipline, and I'm too old to bother overmuch about doing that.  Hang it all, I even sneaked an extra chocolate on my way to bed last night.  Have I told you that I'm pretty much what might be described as a chocoholic?  I love the stuff -especially the dark variety.   My favourite is Cadbury's Bourneville.  Hey, I hope those Yanks don't mess with that now that they've taken over what was probably the last of our English sweet companies.

Now there's another thing.  The two main chocolate companies in this country - Cadbury's and Fry's - were both founded by Quakers.  Sadly, neither is now English owned.  I have never understood why politician think it such a good thing for us, ie this country, to attract foreign investment.  Just look at the situation here in England now.  The French own a good part of our electricity supply companies and our railways.  The Spanish own half of our major airports.  Our last surviving large shipping company is owned by Arabs.  The Dutch and Germans want our mail delivery service.  The Japanese car companies are about the only ones making cars in this country now.  What, I ask, is the good in all that for poor old UK Ltd with all the profits going out of the country?

But who am I to worry about such trifles when I can, even if only occasionally, see a dawn like this one?

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