Tuesday, 30 October 2012

I can't be bothered to think of a title

I think I shall be breathing a sigh of relief this time next week.  Next Monday sees the Lions' annual firework display and that means I shall be at the cricket ground from about 2.30 until 9.00 or so.  There is plenty to be done before that, although not all of the jobs and other things are Lions connected.  Today, for example, I have two appointments at the doctors' surgery - one with my GP for a quick check and (I hope) a repeat prescription followed by a blood test with one of the nurses.  Actually, I think I should have arranged to have the blood test last week so that the doctor would have the benefit of the results before deciding whether or not to increase the dosage of the methotrexate.  Oh well, perhaps next month I'll do that.  Then this afternoon the Old Bat will expect me to accompany her on an expedition to the local supermarket, tomorrow to the butcher's in a village the other side of the Downs and so on and so on.  The while I am dashing hither and thither delivering tickets bought on line for the fireworks.  And I am on duty at the book fair on Saturday, and there should be a briefing at the cricket ground on Sunday...  At least it keeps off the street corner and mostly out of mischief.


We were taking a photographic tour of the little French town called Pouancé but I was distracted.  Even though the population is only a little over 3,000, Pouancé has an aerodrome.  Please note, it is an aerodrome, not an airport, and from the look of the "terminal" building I don't think Paris Charles de Gaulle or Orly need worry too much about the competition.

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