Thursday, 16 August 2012

What will I do when...

As should be fairly obvious to anybody even glancing at this blog, I do like to bore all you good people with the odd photograph, sometimes a very odd photograph.  Now, if you are not a picture-uploading type of person you may very well be unaware of the process involved.  Not that it's at all tricky.  It's really been made very simple by those clever people beavering away at Bloggerville.  But let me say that if a picture is uploaded from one's computer, it is stored on a site known as Picasa.  Here one may store literally hundreds of pictures free of charge.  BUT there is a limit to the space allowed.  When I checked the other day I found that I have used something like 84% of my free space.  What, I wonder, will I do when there is none left?  I have not found a way to delete old pics no longer required, although I suppose that might be possible.  I shall have to keep looking for the solution to this one before it becomes a real problem.

Meanwhile, we are still - or rather, I am still harking on about my visit to Boston all those years ago.  We went on a whale watching trip and were lucky enough to see some.  I have a relatively new digital camera and I was not then accustomed to the delay between pressing the shutter release button and the shutter actually opening.  The result was 97 pictures of the sea and 12 pictures with bits of whales - like this one.


Buck said...

What, I wonder, will I do when there is none left?

Picassa creates another album for you when one is filled up. I currently have at least eight Picassa albums after blogging for nearly seven years now, and I almost always include a photo with each and every post (video posts excluded). I don't know how or why Google can afford all this storage space in the cloud, but I'm glad they do.

Brighton Pensioner said...

Thanks, Buck.