Tuesday, 21 August 2012

What larks, Pip, what larks

I think that title is a slight misquote but it describes exactly how I felt after the decision had been made to withdraw from the holiday lettings market.  Some might well snear and accuse me of running away but I look on it as regaining my freedom.  There are so many things - mostly small enough in themselves but looming large when lumped together - that we either not have to do or will now feel able to do.  For example:
  • When we bought the cottage I started on a rolling redecoration scheme that ensured the whole house was redecorated every three years.  I wanted it always looking fresh for our guests.  Now I can repaint when I think it necessary.
  • With Saturday being our advertised change-over day, we felt obliged - at least during the summer - to travel on Saturdays ourselves in case a booking came in.  Now, even at the height of the season, we can travel on whatever day we like and get cheaper Channel crossings as a result.
  • By not travelling on  Saturday we shall be less likely to find motorway service areas (one in particular) full of Brits and their screaming brats.
  • We can leave the beds covered in polythene to stop mice nesting in the duvets.
  • We will be able to leave toothpaste, shower gel, shampoo, razor and deodorant on the shlf in the shower room instead of packing them away in a locked cupboard when we leave.
  • Ditto wrapped foodstuff like packets of coffee and tea bags, containers of sugar etc.
  • I will no longer find that the dustmen have refused to take away a sack as it obviously contains something which should be recycled, forcing me to rummage through chicken bones, potato peelings, coffee dregs and all sorts of nasty things to hoick out an empty milk bottle or such like.
On the other hand, I will have less opportunity to feel smug and superior as we pass a queue half a mile long at the toll station.  All those Brits needing to pay cash, whereas I have a transponder which lets me through and bills me later.

And I certainly shan't miss the hassle of dealing with those awkward customers who seem to be growing in number.

Today's picture reflects the mood - a new dawn at Les Lavandes.


Buck said...

That's a brilliant photo... both literally and figuratively.

Your travails with your holiday clients are EXACTLY why The Second Mrs. Pennington and I always sold our houses when we moved to another posting. That said, there were two occasions when we thought seriously about becoming landlords... mainly coz we LOVED the house in question and hated to give it up.

Brighton Pensioner said...

Thanks, Buck. And I didn't have to get up early! The village is almost at the western extremity of the time zone and actually well into the longitude of the next so it gets light quite late during the winter months.