Sunday, 19 August 2012

My wife thinks I'm mad

After breakfast this morning I picked up my car keys and the mobile phone.

"What are you doing?" asked the Old Bat.

I told her I planned to take the dog for a walk - the first since last Monday as my legs have not been up to it since then.

"Are you sure that's sensible?"

"I'll be OK and she needs to stretch her legs."

I struggled to get a pair of outsize socks on feet that looked like miniature barrage balloons and stuff said feet into a pair of shoes.  Out in the car I saw the temperature registered 23.5.  That might not seem more than merely warm to some people, but when it's as humid as it is today, that's hot in England!

By the time I had struggled round part of the park I had to agree with the Old Bat.  This was just not sensible.  But who wants sensible all the time?  And anyway, the dog enjoyed it.


Skip has reminded me that it over 14 months since I last smoked.  How long before I can call myself a non-smoker, or am I always to be a smoker who has not smoked since xxx, a recovering smoker?


We have reluctantly made the decision to stop renting out our holiday home in France.  When we bought the place the idea was that we would recoup some of the standing costs of owning a residence secondaire by letting it out as self-catering holiday accommodation.  For the first couple of years all seemed to be going well but since then things have just gone downhill.  We have had just two bookings this year, and each of those was for less than a week.  The rental hasn't covered the advertising costs, let alone the extra electricity, gas and water charges.  No, there are just too many people trying to do the same as us - and most of them are actually living there.  Then our house is not in a touristy area, and we ask people to bring their own bed linen and towels.  But the main reason is the guests.  Perhaps tomorrow I'll tell you about the latest.  Meanwhile, here is a picture of the living room.


Uncle Skip, said...

"How long before I can call myself a non-smoker..?"

When you start lecturing ;-)
BTW-good job.

Good to hear you were able to go our. Sorry it wasn't up to your standards.
Be well my friend.

Buck said... I always to be a smoker who has not smoked since xxx, a recovering smoker?

You'll always be a recovering smoker. Back in the day when I first tried to quit... say 30 years ago... I asked a friend who'd been quit for 15 years when I'd stop wanting the damned things. He replied "never; I still find myself wanting one from time to time." I find that to be true; I've been quit for five and a half years and still want one occasionally... especially when I'm around smokers.

Brighton Pensioner said...

Gotcha, Skip. I'll try never to become a non-smoker by that standard. And Buck, thanks (I think) for the warning...