Thursday, 9 August 2012

Late to the party

Just couldn't get going this morning and spent most of the time dozing in the arm chair.  Since then a session of shiatsu, a type of massage, has improved matters enormously.  I have already booked another session for next week!  Mary (the masseuse) told me to go home and relax for an hour - so I did what I was told and have watched Charlotte Dujardin win her second gold medal in the dressage.  What a triumph!

A minor triumph for me the other day was to walk the dog on the Downs again - the first time for weeks.  We didn't go far but it was good to see this view once again.

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#1Nana said...

It is a beautiful view. I've been enjoying the Olympic coverage as well. I wish I had planned ahead to be in England for the Olympics.