Sunday, 5 August 2012

Christmas is coming

But we need to get the Olympics out of the way first.  I'm not much of a sports spectator but I have watched bits and pieces of the Games over the last few days, mainly on Friday when our sports-mad (and one-time PE teacher) daughter was with us.  But hey, we are in third place in the medal table behind (a long way behind) the USA and China.  Fantastic for a small country like ours.

I know this will annoy Skip, Suldog and the rest of the Thanksgiving Comes First brigade, but Christmas is coming.  By which I mean that Brighton Lions Club's plans for service activities around the holiday period are falling nto place.  Things are looking good for the old folks' tea party at a sea front hotel, with live entertainment, and much to my surprise it looks as though we will be able to access names and addresses of old folk who will be on their own on Christmas Day and who will appreciate a small present and a visit from a Brighton Lion on Christmas morning.

Talking of surprises (well, I was really) I got a surprise when I went to fetch the dog from kennels last weekend.  This armoured personnel carrier had broken its tow at the traffic lights.  Quite where it was going and why I have no idea.

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