Wednesday, 18 July 2012

White rabbits, white rabbits, white rabbits.

Ah.  No.  That's what you say o the first day of the month.  What I meant was, "oh, my gloves and whiskers," or whatever it was the White Rabbit said as he sped past Alice.  I feel a bit like that this morning.  We are off to France on Friday and before we go I have to finish printing the Lions Club directories - feeding in one sheet at a time as it's card and the printer doesn't like more than that - and print out the minutes of the last meeting in time for tonight's meeting and print out the details of the proposed old folk's Christmas party in case something dreadful happens to me and confirm the booking with the entertainer if the club approves the budget tonight and check the weather forecast over in France and take my books back to the library and check the tv schedule for next week in case there is something we want to record and check the oil level in the car and take the dog to kennels and buy the paint for the shower room today because it's 10% for OAPs day and that will cover the cost of the roller and tray and check the tyre pressures and reply to cousin Linda's letter that has been sitting on my desk for two months and prepare the new zone diary as I am secretary this year and there is a zone meeting just 48 hours after we get home and answer that email about the District web site which reminds me that there are two other web sites that need updating and I haven't even started producing the next issue of Jungle Jottings and... and...


What I need to do is to invest ten minutes in drawing up a list of jobs and then work through them in order of priority.


For today's picture we move a bit north of Yosemite, well into North State in fact.  This is Burney Creek.

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