Friday, 6 July 2012

I've been contemplating

I mentioned how poor the vegetable crop is this year but I did not say that this even extends to the apple tree.  There are very few apples on it because, apparently, when the blossom needed the attention of the bees there was too much rain for them to fly and get the tree pollinated.

Part of the problem, as far as the garden is concerned, is that it is just too big.  All was reasonably well while the Old Bat was able to get out and weed the flower beds but now she is unable to do that the whole of the maintenance falls upon my shoulders.  And I am just becoming too decrepit to dig over the vegetable plot properly anyway.  Old age, I'm afraid.

So I thought, why not release half the vegetable plot - the left-hand half where the raspberry canes are and the gooseberry and blackcurrant bushes, retaining all those but sowing wild flower seeds on the rest.  I could let the grass grow on that bit without having to mow, just mow a narrow path so I can reach the gooseberries, blackcurrants and raspberries.  I could sow cowslips, bluebells, ox-eye daisies, cornflowers, poppies, foxgloves.  It would be a sort of mini-nature reserve.

Perhaps I'll float the idea past the Old Bat.


While we are in the area let's have a quick look at the Lanes.  I can't recognise just which Lane this is.  Possibly Meeting House Lane?  I should have made a note when I took the picture.  As you can see, the lane is about the same width as a supermarket aisle.  The fire brigade had to buy a special appliace in case they were called to a fire in one of the lanes.

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The Broad said...

From what I hear fruit trees all over western Europe are bereft of fruit this year. We don't even have one apple on our trees in France and that has never happened before in 14 years!