Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Busy again

Or just rushing around getting (almost) nowhere.  Yesterday was such a rush and bustle that it nearly slipped past without me realising it was May Day!  Appropriately enough, our maiday rose - I know it's called maiday but I think I have forgotten how to spell it - came into bloom yesterday.  I don't recall it ever blooming quite so early, the first flower generally appearing about 8th May.

It didn't help that I was a bit too free with the snooze button on the radio alarm so after I had eaten breakfast, washed up, walked the dog and drunk a restorative cup of coffee while reading about the new England football manager, I had only just enough time to read my emails and post a blog before heading off to the dentist.  Who was running seriously late.  So late that I had to go out and put more money in the parking meter.  (Yes, I know it's illegal but I did it anyway.)  As this was my first visit for three years, the dentist insisted on taking x-rays (which added to my time there) before announcing in tones of great wonder that I need just a small filling and a visit to the hygienist.

Back home for a quick cheese roll before changing to go off to a funeral, that of a member of a local Lions Club whom I have known for many years and counted as a friend.  I have never seen the chapel at the crematorium so packed.  People standing not just at the back but well down the aisle.  (I most sincerely hope there will not be so many people at my funeral as I would like to outlive all the buggers!)  I had only just enough time afterwards to get to the local newspaper office before the copy deadline to place the ad for our book fair, a job I had not managed to do on Monday.  Then it was walk the dog time again and it was a great relief to get up onto the Roman Camp with time to think and to remind myself - as I do nearly every day - how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful part of the world.

In his comment on (or to) yesterday's bolg, Skip mentioned Burney, a small town in northern California that I visited, with Skip and GS, way back in September 2006.  It tempted me to post a picture from that time but I will stick with my beloved South Downs.  Continuing from yesterday's picture, a little further along to road is a large field with an enormous flock of sheep - and their lambs.

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Stephen Hayes said...

Sorry for the loss of your friend and fellow Lion's Club member.