Sunday, 15 April 2012


The Brighton marathon is being run today.  This means that several of the main roads in the city are closed for at least a part of the day and some - like the seafront - for all of the day.  As well as all the runners, I have heard that 100,000 spectators are expected, many from outside the city.  For 'ordinary' people like me, this is a day not to go into town!

It's actually very cold today as a result of a bitter and biting east, north-east or maybe north wind (it seems to be swirling around and coming from different directions).  I even wore a cap and gloves when walking the dog!  In mid-April!!

I was having a thunk yesterday (a thunk is less concentrated than a think) and for some reason that I can't explain now, I signed up for Google Adsense.  I was probably thinking (or thunking) that I might earn some cash from this blog.  But of course, that was just a wild pipe dream.  So, although I have signed up to display ads, I don't think I will actually take the next step and re-arrange the blog to accommodate them.

I really must get round to sorting out and acting upon that pile of paper on my desk.  I know there is the renewal notice for an insurance policy which is probably due before the end of the week.  There is a letter to the Old Bat giving her the good tidings that her recent mammogram was clear but asking for comments and suggestions.  I intend writing to point out that the clinic's situation is such that access is extremely difficult for disabled people and that there is absolutely no provision for parking for the disabled.  It was as well that I had accompanied the OB or she would have been unable to get to her appointment.  There's other stuff as well so I had better get on with it.


Stephen Hayes said...

Has the ad for your French Holiday home always been there? I haven't noticed it before. It looks great and I hope it generates more income for you.

Brighton Pensioner said...

You're quite right, Stephen, I've only just added it.

"Added it"! Geddit?