Friday, 13 April 2012

New, improved!

I'm so glad it's not just me that has accidentally "improved" my blogging experience: my friend Skip has done it as well, as he reported here.  I recalled that some time back Blogger introduced a new improved dashboard which we were invited to try.  I did, but preferred the old, unimproved version and was able to switch back.  With that in mind, I was happy to click on the button for the latest new, improved product - only to find that the switch was irreversible.  i shrugged my shoulders and got on with things as I had noticed that this new, improved Blogger was to be foisted on all of us within a few weeks anyway.

Mind you, I do admire the guys (and, presumably, gals) who are able to produce the code for such complicated things as the Blogger web site.  I remember years ago attending a one-day course on HTML and being amazed that I could write code to produce a (very simple) web site.  I say 'very simple' because it really was.  I could dictate the background colour and the font - and even the size of the text as well as its colour, but not much more than that.  I subsequently bought the Idiot's Guide book and learned how to do much more complicated things.  Now I can produce a reasonable web site but compared with those Blogger guys and gals - and the great majority of those who produce commercial web site - I am as a toddler compared to an Olympic marathon runner.

Now I have been using this new, improved Blogger for a while I'm beginning to feel at home with it.  Certainly there appear to be some welcome improvements and I haven't found many things which I thought were better before.  Yes, I give it a cautious thumbs up.


The Broad said...

I think I agree with you -- so far, so good!

Uncle Skip, said...

I find it kind of like roaming around a strange room at night with the lights turned off, but agree, so far so good

...which reminds me of a joke

Buck said...

I have the New! Improved! version on my desktop and the old version on my laptop. Wanna guess where I compose my blog posts?

Yeah... Luddites Я Us.