Friday, 16 December 2011

That green paint

I digressed somewhat in the last post, so back to the subject in hand - that green paint.

I had carried the closed tin of paint across the bedroom and placed it on a thick pile of newspaper before opening it. It stayed on the newspaper until it had been tightly closed once again after I had finished the painting. The used brush had been removed from the room wrapped in newspaper. There was no way paint could have got anywhere other than where it was intended to go - on the shutters. So how was it that I later found a blob of that green paint on the floor on the opposite side of the room? That's what I meant by the paint having a malignant quality. No matter how careful I or anyone else was, green paint always ended up where it should not have been. We have found it on a rug in the downstairs bedroom, a rug in the living room, the kitchen door - even in the middle of my friend Chris's back! The gates are a case in point. I had painted them in the garage in England and they had been left three weeks before I took them to France. Most people would think that three weeks is long enough for paint to dry, but when I removed the gates from the car I noticed there were green smears on the carpet in the boot. They were still there when I sold the car two years later.


Anonymous said...

You hadn't sat on the tin lid had you?


Suldog said...

I have the same sort of problem with duck sauce, the sweet stuff that comes with a takeout Chinese meal. No matter how careful I am in dishing the stuff up, it somehow makes everything within ten feet sticky to the touch. I have no idea how it does this trick, but it does it every time.