Monday, 26 December 2011


Or ego trip.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was looking through all the photographs I had taken this year with a view to picking out the best. What I have actually done so far is to short-list the six photographs that have given me the most satisfaction, which does not mean they are the best I have taken. They may or may not be technically spot-on, the composition or the lighting could perhaps be improved upon, but there are sound reasons - which I shall try to explain - why these pictures are so satisfying to me. First up is this picture of a signpost on the South Downs behind Brighton.

Many of the pictures I have taken this year have been on the Downs while walking the dog. In them I have tried to capture the feeling of space, the wide, open skies and the way the Downs roll away as far as one can see. I rarely succeeded as well as I would have liked but somehow this signpost, pointing slightly up and into nothing, suggests that space to me.

Yesterday passed fairly quietly. The Old Bat and I joined our elder son, his partner and her parents, sister and daughter for a late lunch. Today both sons and all three grandchildren will be joining us for a late lunch so it will be somewhat noisier today than yesterday. Fern will love having the children around and will probably want to help unwrap the presents. (For those who have yet to meet her, Fern is our springer spaniel, pictured today on my other blog.)

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Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of late lunches...I bet you had a splendid time!