Tuesday, 30 August 2011

In the garden

I had a little moan yesterday about the weather we have enjoyed (or not enjoyed) this summer. It has certainly not helped the vegetable garden, although one plus is that I have had to use the hose only sparingly. More sparingly than usual, I suppose, as on the whole the weather has been cool rather than wet. I have recounted already how the rhubarb, garlic, onions, parsnips and peas have done less well than I would have hoped. Fortunately, the blackcurrants did well but sod's law came into play as they are far from my favourite fruit. The runner beans are growing - fitfully. I think I must sow a different variety next year. (The eternal optomist, that's me.) And the French beans have been eaten by slugs but at least the raspberries are coming on stream very nicely - big and juicy. I grow an autumn-fruiting variety and they seem to get more flavour as the year passes. The blackberries in the garden hedge are also good this year, and I really must pick the apples before we go away at the end of next week. It is another bumper crop this year.

At least there are some good points.

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