Friday, 29 July 2011

That's one job less

When I listed all those bright ideas yesterday I left the list incomplete. Or maybe I just added "etc"; I don't remember. Not that it matters in the least. One of the other things I had been wanting to accomplish involved the other blog, the daily photo of Stanmer and around. I have recently given that blog a makeover but there was still one thing outstanding. Photographs were being displayed in the format 400 pixels x 300 and I really wanted them to appear larger than that, preferably 600 x 480. I had tried amending the HTML to increase the size of the pictures, which worked well - except that the pictures now looked a trifle out of focus. They looked OK in the smaller size but what was actually happening was that Blogger uploaded them 400 x 300 and when I increased the display size, they started pixellating. I was puzzled because I had seen pictures in the larger size on other blogs (Jilly's Menton blog, for example). I was also rather taken with the format on HPY BIS which is 800 x about 280 and is, to my eye, very attractive with the right subject matter. I even tried opening a new blog with a different template, one of the old templates which are now a little difficult to find but which I did in the end manage to winkle out of hiding. I have tried all sorts of tricks - but to no avail. I think I have decided to settle for what Blogger gives me and cross this job off the list but maybe one day I'll go onto the Blogger site and see if anybody can give me the answer through the help forum. One day. Maybe.

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Uncle Skip, said...

I settled for whatever size blogger allows and just encourage viewers to click to enlarge... when the photo' worth the effort.
I'm sure there's another solution somewhere in the design elements because I know I've seen really large format images. Good luck