Friday, 15 July 2011

Dolly mixtures

I decided on a complete redesign of what had been known as Fern's blog even though there is so much more that I should be doing today. I have been less than happy about the tweeness of having a blog for a dog - especially a photo blog! - for some time and it came to a head yesterday. I just couldn't live with it any longer, so Fern's photo blog is henceforth known as Stanmer and Around. But I have added a nod to Fern in that there is now a favicon of her.

I had thought of blethering on today about the number of English churchyards in which are to be found yew trees, often several hundreds of years old. (There's a picture of one today on the Stanmer blog.) I have this vague idea that these are connected with some pre-Christian thoughts or beliefs but there is also an idea rattling around what passes for my brain that the old English long bow was made from the heartwood of the yew tree and that there was once a law passed that all English men (and presumably boys over a certain age) were to practice archery after church on Sundays. I'm not sure that this law has ever been repealed so there might well be several million transgressors every week! But if I am to blether about that at all I really should do some research - and I don't have time for that.

Talking of churchyards, I came across a delightful inscription on a tombstone in Stanmer churchyard this week.

It reminded me of another gravestone, this one in the hamlet of Brockley, Somerset. The grave is known as the pirate's grave and is the opposite way round to all the other graves.

The inscription is a little difficult to make out so here it is:

"Come hither, Mortal, cast an eye,
Then go they way. Prepare to die.
Read here thy doom for know thou must
One day, like me, be turned to dust."

Now, if I am to be ready for the off first thing tomorrow (we are off to France for a week) I must get on with the various things that have to be done:

Check tyre pressures.
Check oil.
Check coolant.
Check windscreen washer bottle.
Set recorder for TV programmes the Old Bat wants to watch.
Set water heater to go off while we are away.
Cancel paper delivery.
Pay paper bill.
Buy more oil for the car in case.
Sort tools needed in France next week.
Buy paint and brushes needed in France.
Take dog to kennels.
Pack suitcase.
Sort out books to take.

I think I had better get on with it! But don't fret: I have left a few posts scheduled for while I am incognito. No, not icognista, incommi-something. Oh heck - out of touch!


Uncle Skip, said...

You may be incommunicado, but your are far from out of touch.

Uncle Skip, said...

It was a fat finger error, committed by the errant left hand.
Wouldn't happen if I'd proofread.

#1Nana said...

When I read the title I expected to read about the little candies that my grandmother sent to us when I was a child. Everytime I have visited England or Canada I have brought a large bag of Dolly Mix home with me.

Have a wonderful trip.