Thursday, 19 May 2011


Am I a vain person? I, like most other people, like to think not. But an email I received yesterday from our Lions District Governor Elect gave me pause and made me wonder.

I have been District Webmaster since the beginning of July last year and have been asked to continue in post for another 12 months. While I don't consider myself in any way expert in the production of web sites (the software I use was bought 11 years ago and has never been updated) I can produce something simple. The District site is not one of my best, especially when compared with the Brighton Lions site or my own Les Lavandes, but I agreed to his request although I would be very happy for somebody else to take the job on. Having put the background in place, to that email.

"Could you please also email a .jpeg passport-style head and shoulders photo of yourself asap to Lion X"
, it read. A photo? Of me?? I'm not sure that I have one that I would be happy for others to see. I generally stand behind the camera rather than in front of it and I'm certainly not a person who starts preening himself whenever a camera lens appears. Perhaps it's some kind of reverse vanity because I am only too well aware that I'm not the world's most photogenic man. In any case, he asked for "passport style" and I certainly don't have one like that.


I've found a group picture and cropped it to just me. This will have to do.

Actually, that's not too bad at all considering.


Suldog said...

That's a swell photo. Nothing to be ashamed of there. Wish I had that head of hair!

Brighton Pensioner said...

You're too kind. And the hair isn't anywhere near as full as it looks. Who says the camera never lies?