Monday, 9 May 2011

That's another one over

I groaned when I opened the curtains yesterday morning, the day of the Lilac Lark. This is a fete which, for the second year, was arranged jointly by the Friends of Withdean Park and Brighton Lions Club. The Lions stepped in last year when the Friends decided they were unable to muster enough volunteers to run the event so now we take over some of the planning and administration, bring along a few extra stalls and share the proceeds. What we Lions have ended with is a community service activity which also raises money for our charity trust fund. But back to yesterday morning. I heard the rain before I actually opened the curtains, hence my groan. Last year we froze (and the Withdean Park lilacs were not yet in bloom), whereas this year we looked like being washed out - and the lilacs are definitely past their best! But by the time I had seen to the dog and made the Old Bat a cup of tea, the rain had stopped. I started again just before I set off with the dog for a walk round the park where I had to pin up notices warning people of possible moving vehicles ('elf and safety being what it is). That was a fairly brief shower and, after that, it was pretty much sunshine all the way. Good crowds who seemed to be enjoying the sun and spending their money. The book stall seemed to have crowds of browsers all afternoon and took over £100.

We don't yet have the final figures but it should have been a good result.

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