Sunday, 15 May 2011

Catching up

So the world-wide blogging community was well and truly bloggered on Friday - coincidentally, Friday the 13th. What, I wonder, would I have posted had I been able to access this blog?

I might have mentioned bacon. On both Wednesday and Thursday I enjoyed bacon at dinner time. On Wednesday the Old Bat and I went with a fellow-Lion friend to our local Italian restaurant where I had pasta (tagliatella) with bacon and onions and the chef's home-made tomato sauce. Brilliant! I know I had bacon on Thursday as well and if I stop thinking about it I shall probably remember just how I had it. Oh yes, John Noakes Special - which will need explanation. Years ago there was a children's TV programme called Blue Peter. In fact, I think there still is a children's TV programme called Blue Peter but I'm talking about the time when one of the presenters was a man called John Noakes. That was in the days when my children were children. Just why JN was talking about cooking is something I didn't know then (I never saw the programme as it was aired before I got home from work) and I don't know now. But he was. He described a dish he had invented and which he had not named so it was called John Noakes Special. Not being much of a dab hand in the kitchen department, I don't know what the recipe is - or even all the ingredients. All I know is that one puts chopped potatoes, lardon-sized bits of bacn and chopped tomatoes in a dish which is then put in the oven. Serve with a green veg.

So that's bacon done with - except to say that we will be eating roast gammon this evening. Now, what else?

I went to the doctor on Thursday afternoon, not something I do lightly. I developed a particularly nasty cough before Easter. It cleared a bit but then came back with a vengeance and by Tuesday I had had enough. I thought it was/is a bout of bronchitis and it had reached the stage where I really wanted something - an antibiotic - to knock it on the head. So on Tuesday afternoon I phoned the surgery and was given an appointment for Thursday with a doctor I had never heard of. I think he is one of the juniors at the practice. After I had described the symptons (I won't bore you with them) he asked me, 'Do you think it could be a virus of some sort?' I assured him that I thought he was on the right lines. 'Should I prescribe an antibiotic?' was his next question.

I've heard of DIY in many areas, but that was ridiculous. Anyway, I am now in the middle of a course of antibiotics, hoping it will do the trick.

Doesn't that make you glad Blogger was down all Friday?

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Uncle Skip, said...

It depends upon how one looks at it. If the creative juices were flowing at the time, it might not have seemed quite so propitious.