Friday, 10 December 2010

What should have been wasn't what was

I should have been in France this past week, coming back today. If things had gone to plan, I would at this moment be driving north on the A28 approaching Alençon and thinking about our lunch stop at the next but one services about half an hour away. I would have spent a peaceful week recharging the batteries, reading for much of the time. There were a couple of jobs I had to do - patch a piece of torn wallpaper and clear the courtyard (and gutters) of leaves. They will just have to wait now until we next manage to visit, which will (we hope) be in January.

At least I have managed to use my time this week constructively on the whole with a fair amount of the time having been devoted to matters Lionistic. I was able to get to the book fair last Saturday. Although there is work to be done setting up (I missed that bit) and clearing away, there is always time for socialising and discussing Lions matters. We agreed to suggest to the Club that we invite other Lions Clubs, Rotary, Round Table etc to take stalls at our Pavilion Gardens Fun Day next June in the hope that we can raise more money for our chosen charity, Help for Heroes. It perhaps goes without saying that as it was me who suggested it, I was asked to draft the letter to other organisations and see to its sending out in the New Year. The drafting of the letter didn't take long, but then I decided to put an electronic booking form on our web site. That took a little longer, but I am happy with the final result which I uploaded this morning.

While it was far from earth-shattering, I was pleased to be able to attend the Lions zone meeting on Tuesday evening. Then yesterday evening a couple of other Lions and I took a prospective member out for a drink to chat about Lions. She had seen our web site and was full of praise for it, especially the video, which did wonders for my self-esteem as I am the webmaster. I've also managed to make a start on the January issue of Jungle Jottings.

So the week hasn't been what I was expecting, but the time hasn't been wasted.

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