Thursday, 2 December 2010

The view from here

Almost literally the view from here. Just after three o'clock yesterday, the Old Bat had gone into the front bedroom and glanced out of the window to see what the conditions were just in time to witness this. The driver of the silver van had stopped to let the other van come up the hill but got out because the driver of the larger van was having difficulty. The small van then slid down the hill but the driver managed to get back in and re-apply the brakes, whereupon the vehicle slid across the road and hit the parked car. The road doesn't look particularly steep in the picture, but it ices up very quickly.

Now it's decision time. I am due to take the dog into kennels this afternoon as we are supposed to be leaving for France first thing tomorrow. Maybe we'll just put everything on hold for 24 hours and see what the forecast is.

- * -

I drafted that late yesterday afternoon. This morning the situation is somewhat different. It has been snowing steadily all night - not large, fluffy snowflakes but small, sticky crystals - and it is now about nine inches deep. Neither our drive nor the road outside are passable. I have cancelled our Eurotunnel booking as there is now no way we will be able to travel before Sunday or, more likely, Monday and we have to be back home next Friday at the latest. That's a shame, but at least we are warm and dry. We have heat, light and food. I'm not losing money by being unable to get to work or because my customers are unable to get to me. I have much to be thankful for.


Uncle Skip, said...

Isn't it great to be able to turn the coin over and see the bright side... particularly when we're inconvenienced?

Brighton Pensioner said...

There's no point moaning about something we can't change - and if we did, no bugger would listen. Like you, I try to make life a negative-free zone.

#1Nana said...

It looks much the same here in Eastern Oregon...although we're on the flat lands. Our roads are mostly clear now, but they freeze up with the snow runoff and drizzle every night. I am tired of winter already and it hasn't officially started yet!