Friday, 3 December 2010

Post early for Christmas

Every year we are exhorted by the Royal Mail to consign our greetings cards and parcels to the tender care of the postal service as early as possible. 'Post early for Christmas', we are told. We will, I am sure, have our cards ready and posted all in good time. But we won't be the first. This year the first card for Christmas was delivered through our door before the end of November. Now that really is taking things to extremes.

It may be that there are more cards waiting for the postmen to empty the post boxes. The snow has prevented most collections taking place and we haven't seen a postman delivering the mail for a couple of days. When our regular man manages to get back to his round he will have an awful lot of catching up to do - and you can bet your life that all we will get will be junk mail.


Uncle Skip, said...

So it appears you and the missus will be missing your trip to France. Sorry about that. It's miserable to be inconvenienced... even worse when we've no control over it.

IT said...

Well, you can always burn the junk mail to stay warm.