Monday, 5 July 2010

The plans of mice and men

I'm pretty confident that I have it correctly that a certain Scottish poet wrote about those plans ganging oft agley, and mine have today as far as this blog is concerned. I had it all worked out, sitting there in the hospital corridor. I had taken Mrs BP for another session of therapy on the thumb she broke back in January, fully expecting this to be the final session. Having finished my book, I was passing the time by deciding what drivel I would impose upon the world through the medium of this blog and I had it all set out quite neatly in my mind. And then the therapist went and spoiled it all be saying she wanted another session in three weeks' time. (Please note the correct use of the apostrophe in that last sentence.) So, shall I save my thoughts for a post a few weeks down the line or shall I post them anyway? That, of course, is a purely rhetorical question as I cannot realistically expect a response from anybody, so I will have to make the decision myself.

And the winner is...

...You'll just have to wait.


Uncle Skip, said...

"(Please note the correct use of the apostrophe in that last sentence.)"

Noted. Has there been some issue with the apostrophe's location?

Brighton Pensioner said...

Just saying (bragging?).