Sunday, 18 July 2010

Home again

Yup, we're back home again - although our house in France is also home, so I suppose in a way we never left home. Be that as it may, we are now back in Brighton after a very pleasant week of doing not a lot - no phone, no email, no television, no radio that we could understand, and no newspapers. World War Three could have broken out and we might have known nothing whatever about it.

The journey down took rather longer than usual as we fell foul of an irritating habit the French have when they are doing roadworks. They frequently just close the road and post a diversion. OK, that might not seem to bad, but those diversions can be pretty long and can add a good few miles and minutes to the length of one's journey. In our case, 15 miles, much of it on winding, country lanes, and half an hour in time. Thankfully, there was no rush and it was actually good to see some different scenery and one or two very attractive spots. I doubt that I could ever find them again if I wanted to!

So today is a day of catching up. Well, it was going to be until we listened to the final call on the answering machine. This told us that our younger son would be holding a barbecue this afternoon to celebrate his sister's birthday (which just happens to be this weekend and she just happens to have travelled down from Birmingham to see us). Two loads of washing have been put through the machine, I have read my emails and most blogs in which I am interested, fetched Fern from kennels and given her a run, now I must get ready for the celebrations.

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Uncle Skip, said...

Welcome back. Have a good time at the barbecue.