Thursday, 15 April 2010

What's the date?

While reading today's fishwrap yesterday evening, I found myself looking at the top of the page to check the date. Yep, April 14 it said, although given the story I was reading I fully expected to see that I was reading a two-week old paper dated April 1.

It was reported that a couple from Merseyside in north-west England decided to treat her mother to a day out in France. This involved driving almost 300 miles to Dover, where they put the car in a multi-storey car park. Mother-in-law stayed in the car while her daughter and son-in-law went off to pay for the parking.

Some time later, when the ferry was well into its one and a quarter hour crossing to Calais, the couple wondered where her mother had got to. Then it dawned on them: she was still waiting in the car.

The ferry radioed Dover and the police searched the car park, finding m-i-l still sitting in the back seat of the car, wondering why it was taking so long to pay for the parking.

Daughter and s-i-l caught the next ferry back from Calais and drove home again - with the old lady. I bet that was a lively journey!

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