Thursday, 18 March 2010

Could this be spring?

Yesterday we drove out of town for lunch with friends and spotted lots of new-born lambs. Then, this morning, while walking the dog in the local park, I saw that quite a lot of daffodils have come into bloom. Certainly it has felt warmer over the last few days - I just hope the weather doesn't slip backwards. The forecast for the next few days is for rain or showers, but as there has been no rain for a couple of weeks, except for a sharp shower one day towards the end of last week, that will be no bad thing. Down the garden yesterday (or was it the day before?) I was pleased to see that most of the garlic I eventually planted has started sprouting. The seed potatoes have been in the airing cupboard and most have now started chitting, but it will not be until after Easter that they will go into the earth.

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Uncle Skip, said...

I can't possibly be Spring over here... the grass is still green