Sunday, 15 November 2009

Back in Blighty

A really relaxing week. I did decorate one room (except for the window, doors and radiator, all of which will have to wait until the weather is warmer) which meant just a quick coat of emulsion on the ceiling and walls. I think I read about six books, one by an author new to me - Greg Iles. The Devil's Punchbowl runs to something over 500 pages and the hero does conveniently know a number of very useful people (or knows people who know people) but the story gripped me. I will try to find more of his works. I had previously read just one of Harlen Coben's books (Gone for Good) which I sort of enjoyed but certainly wasn't mad about, but I tried another - Hold Tight - which I thought much better.

The drive back yesterday was smooth, apart from the buffeting of the wind, which was strong, until we hit the stretch between Boulogne and Calais. Although it wasn't us that hit the stretch, it was storm force winds and torrential rain. A motorway that normally has cars moving along at 80mph saw traffic slowed to 20. I see in the paper this morning that the port of Dover was closed yesterday afternoon with the winds too strong for ferries to sail, so it was lucky that we were travelling through the tunnel.

Having checked most of the regular blogs this morning, I have become concerned about Skip, who seems to have sunk more than usually deep into philosophical thought. I expect he will recover quickly.


Uncle Skip, said...

The Titanic sunk...
the Lusitania sunk...
the Edmund Fitzgerald sunk... and the Andrea Doria sunk.
I haven't even got my feet wet yet.

[verification word: injujuis - interesting]

Brighton Pensioner said...

Being a touch pedantic, I would suggest that those ships sank - or were sunk. Anyway, I like the metaphoric use of the verb "sink" as it it sometimes heard on this side of the pond.


Uncle Skip, said...

Your comment is duly noted. I do believe we are in sync on our use of the word.

On another note, I have read a number of the Greg Iles and Harlen Coben offerings.

Brighton Pensioner said...