Friday, 24 July 2009

Tomorrow's weather

I just hope it is better than today's. We will be going down to the farm for a party to celebrate the centenary of the family taking over the farm and also J & L's ruby wedding. No way could everybody squeeze into the house, despite its size, so I have no doubt Julian will have done his usual for a large party. He will have cleared one of the smaller barns and whitewashed the walls; this is where the food will be laid out. There will be trestle tables and chairs in the yard, possibly with tarpaulins stretched over them to provide some shelter from the sun (!).

I've booked us in at a pub a few miles away so we don't have to drive there and back in one day, although we have done that before. But why they chose the first Saturday of the school summer holidays I really can't imagine. This will probably be the busiest weekend of the summer on the roads.

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