Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Summer weather

Traditional summer weather returned to south-east England yesterday. We had been experiencing a hot, dry spell with fairly high or high humidity, but yesterday the sky clouded over and we had a shower early in the morning. Another coupe of showers so far today, and more likely. The rain has only just about laid the dust, though, and has done virtually nothing for the grass, which is pretty well brown all over.

I was getting a bit bored with waking up to bright, sunny mornings every day, but now that they have gone, I'm already missing them! Just plain contrary, I suppose.


Uncle Skip, said...

Sounds more like just about everybody... whatever it is we have, we want something else.

Brighton Pensioner said...

I definitely wanted something else this afternoon. When I got back from walking the dog, the car looked as though I had been through a car wash with the window open - and I felt as though I had! The last 100 yards walking to the car was through such a heavy downpour that it was like a monsoon. Every stitch of clothing was wet, even through a waterproof and through hiking boots.