Monday, 27 July 2009

Is that all there is?

Having found out that the inaugural meeting of what was at first called Brighton & Hove Lions Club (later simply Brighton Lions Club) was on 18 October 1950, I thought to see what other Earth-shattering events occurred that day. And guess what? Apart from the birth of a couple of actresses so minor that nobody has ever heard of them (well - I haven't) the only thing was that Connie Mack announced that he was going to retire after 50 seasons as the manager of the Philadelphia Athletics. And as I have never heard of either the Philadelphia Athletics or Connie Mack, that didn't help much either!

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Uncle Skip, said...

...Philadelphia Athletics or Connie Mack...

Think Baseball - the Atheltics, also known as the As now play in Oakland, after trying out Kansas City. I don't know much about Connie Mack either, except that he had a stadium named for him.