Wednesday, 22 July 2009

I wonder why...

... it is that a summer cold seems so much worse than a winter one. I thought this morning that I had a cold, but by the time I had walked the dog, it had cleared up.

Picked more gooseberries, plus a few peas and runner beans. Also lifted the onions. Possibly the best crop of them that I've ever had.

I see that I used the wrong tense in a blog on Les Lavandes the other day. I said that the Tour de France had taken in Mont Ventoux (past tense) but I see in the paper today that the Tour will not arrive there until Saturday. That stage is due to finish at the summit and how on earth they are planning to find room for everybody is beyond me. I'm not a cycling nut - sorry, enthusiast - but I would rather like to see that on television. Shan't be able to, though, as we will be away.

And on that note I'll get back to reading the back numbers of Jungle Jottings. I've reached 1969, so only another forty years to go!

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