Friday, 3 July 2009

I really am not so conceited that I think anyone but me will be interested in the pictures holiday snaps I have been posting on my Les Lavandes blog. For a start, they are no better than any average snapper could do. My real purpose is to use the blog as a sort of online photo album with the benefit of adding a commentary. And I know I could quite easily use a word processor to do the job, but at least this way I'm saving space on my hard drive.

The temperature today is some 10 degrees Celsius below yesterday, when Brighton was the hottest place in the country at 30 degrees. The temperature was not the problem, but the very high humidity made things very uncomfortable.


Uncle Skip, said...

I am truly enjoying the views in your photos from your travels. The fact that you and Sheila seem to enjoy the food as well as the scenery is a bonus.

Brighton Pensioner said...

Skip, you are ever the diplomat. But thank you, all the same.

Uncle Skip said...

Would I lie?
Diplomacy is easy when you believe it yourself.