Tuesday, 16 June 2009

What's going on?

BA showed a loss of £401 million last year and is asking staff to work for nothing or take unpaid leave.

Air France/KLM lost £444 million in just three months this year and is looking to shed a further 3000 jobs on top of 2700 lost during the year.

Emirates still showed a profit last year, but it was down 72%.

Easyjet showed a loss of £130 million for six months, compared with £48 last year.

But Virgin Atlantic doubled profits to £68 million for the year.

Seems somebody is doing something right.


Uncle Skip, said...

Virgin Atlantic better find more write-offs or someone will be coming after their profits?

Brighton Pensioner said...

I can't think why I bothered posting that. Must be old age or something.

Uncle Skip, said...

No, it's good that you did because it probabl could be found anywhere else :-)